Free Software


This little utility remembers your last ViewFinder or non ViewFinder mode and changes back to that mode when disabling or enabling ViewFinder by Adjust clicking on it's icon. Set your default non ViewFinder mode by editing the Modes file inside !NonVFMode.


'Fixes' the annoying habit of !ZipFS changing its iconbar icon to half-size when there is no disc is the Zip drive. It also changes the text underneath the icon to read "No Disc" rather than "ZipFS::4".


Allows you to alter the icon of your CDRW drive on the iconbar.


Calculates age in years and months from date of birth to any given date. Useful for filling in the many forms teachers need to enter this information on.


An OvationPro applet which resizes the selected text to exactly fit in the width of the text frame. v1.07 32bit compatible


A desktop silly which displays the current time in binary format! I wanted one of those binary clocks from but decided it was cheaper to write one for the desktop instead.


A Configure Plug-in for the BeagleBoard to control charging of the optional RTC backup battery. Use with care, incorrect values may damage your battery and/or BeagleBoard! v0.07


A small utility to turn Alignment Exceptions on or off on the BeagleBoard. Also reflects the current Alignment Exception settings. v0.02a


A Configure Plug-in for the Raspberry Pi to control compatibility features. Normally included on the Raspberry Pi disc image. v0.10
It should be placed in !Boot.RO500Hook.Res.Configure
Note, not suitable for the Pi2, which does not have an ARM5 compatibility mode. A version for the Pi2 is included on the ROOL SD card but is significantly altered from my version and so I don't feel I can distribute it as it's no longer my work.

 !Bitfield v1.12

A utility for programmers to assist in setting flag words or in other situations where particular bits of a number need to be set.

 !RobotArm v0.04

Software for the Maplin/OWI USB Robot Arm. Works on the Iyonox or Raspberry Pi

 Raspberry Pi JAM HAT Library v0.01

BBC BASIC Library for the JAM HAT from ModMyPi

 4Tronix Pi-Stop Library v0.01

BBC BASIC Library for the Pi-Stop traffic light board from 4Tronix

Other software

Software written specifically for clients needs.

WimpLabel 2

Label printing for CJE Micro's. The software takes data from a Datapower database in CSV form, prepares it for printing and passes it to the dedicated printer across the network.


Network client for the Argonet !Voyager software. Allows any computer on the network to instruct Voyager to go online and share the internet connection. The client reflects the current online status in its iconbar icon. Also works with Dial-Up from R-Comp. Contact me if you are interested in using this software.

NFER Nelson Assessment Tests

Software for calculating the various statistics required (eg. Scale Score, Progress Score, Percentile Rank) for marking the NFER-Nelson range of Assessment tests in primary schools.

Progress in English Tests 6 - 11


Progress in Mathematics Tests 6 - 11


Mental Arithmetic Tests 6 - 10


Non-Verbal Reasoning Test 8-9 and Primary Reading Test

Please Contact me if you are interested in using this software.

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